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Dolunay Travel Design prides itself for the most competent work force in the industry.

Among our clients that we exclusively represent are highly prestigious operators including Abercrombie & Kent, Cox & Kings, Brownell Travel, Zicasso and Geographic Expeditions.

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One of the countless street cats in Turkey, in this picture at Alaçatı near Izmir. Territorial cats and dogs are a part of daily life in Turkey; they are looked after by the neighborhood community.

In a relentlessly competitive industry with expanding pressures, the primary asset Dolunay is geared to provide is value.

We appreciate the weight of the challenges posed by the volatile dynamics in sales and marketing, and strive to support our clients’ in every which way possible.

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Monumentality Incarnate: the Hagia Sophia. A more inspiring building was never built.

Set up in 2002 and since then maintaining a portfolio of absolute highest quality programs, our deep sympathy for travelers’ perspectives helps us deliver with precision and a warm hospitality.

We know our destinations intimately: every sight and every turn.

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Monumentalized Dignity: Süleymaniye Complex in Istanbul, completed in 1557.

Dolunay operates in the guise of a family-owned company. We care for our employees who in turn care for our clients.

We’ve traditionally chosen to grow only organically and are proud of the fact that no staff member has ever left Dolunay since its foundation.

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Organic Monumentality: the Tuesday Market of Tire in Aegean Turkey.

Every Tuesday in Tire, the vegetable market boasts the produce of the fertile valley that surrounds the town: the most delicious and fresh apples, apricots, peaches, green and red mulberries, to-die-for tomatoes, crispy lettuce, mint and parsley, home-made breads, infinite variety of locally made cheeses, herbs, watermelon, eggplant, zucchini, peppers, and above all, glorious olives of different kinds and hand-pressed olive oil etc etc, all grown within a 30-mile radius in the fields watered by the River Hermus.

It is company policy that our staff members stay on top of their game. They take frequent educational trips and they duly know all there is to know about each and every program. It is, after all, a matter of policy.

All our members bring in various backgrounds; here they share their passion for travel and creating memorable experiences. An efficient operational structure, a paperless office, an automated ‘flownetwork’ and constant training enhance our creativity and productivity.

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Monumentality of Toil and Humility: workshops of Birghi in the old market place. The historic Turkish organizations called ‘Ahi’ were guilds and fraternities of the artisans, craftsmen and shopkeepers where novices were indoctrinated into the high morals of the ‘right conduct’ in business. Here in Birgi, trades and crafts of a forgotten past are in works every day where furriers, felt makers, spoon makers, blanket weavers, ironsmiths jostle one another. They, however, well might be the last members of their trade, as their sons are rather interested in the promise of the city life.

Dolunay Travel Design’s sister company, Dolunay Technologies founded in 1989 operates in the research, proprietary development and production of high-scale medical testing equipment under the patented brand of ZIVAK.

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Monumental Transitions: side-entrances to the stadium in Aphrodisias and Istanbul's 'New Mosque'.

Aphrodisias, two-and-a-half-hours up the beautiful Meander Valley, is one of the world's most complete and extraordinary excavations of an ancient site. When the work is done, Aphrodisias will surpass Ephesus as the premier archaeological site in Turkey. More than almost any other place, Aphrodisias gives a sense of the grandeur and extent of the lost classical cities. Among countless edifices, here is the 36,000-seater Stadium.

The Passage to the Market area, New Mosque, 1664. This charmingly busy neighborhood perfectly narrates the Ottoman ideal of a balanced social existence.

Our activities sustain a superlative work force of over 100 members.

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Monumentality in the tiers: epoch-creating architecture of Sinan's Süleymaniye and Isidore's Hagia Sophia.


Wildfires in Turkey consume an annual average of 3,000 hectares of forests. In addition, about 740 million metric tons of cultivable soil is lost to erosion. The global averages are not better, either: every year 120,000 sq-kilometers (48,000 sq-miles: three times the area of Switzerland) of land become arid, affecting over 1 billion people.


Dolunay has taken on the responsibility of helping what we can to ease de-forestation, desertification and loss of bio-diversity. We’ve joined forces with TEMA (The Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats) since 2005 in reforestation projects planting more than 95,000 trees (as of July 2016), as well as social awareness campaigns in rural areas toward the country’s massive geo-biotic wealth and bio-genetic potential.

We plant 2 seedlings (including larch, oak, and the precious Pistacia Lentiscus) in the name of every guest that travels with us.


We are bound by strong ties.