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Chapter Five


Defining the Partnership:
What to Know at the Start

“No sound of clapping comes forth from one hand. Not only the thirsty seek the water, the water too seeks the thirsty.”

Rumi, Mathnawi III 4397-4399

We are only interested in developing long term, mutually-beneficial but client-prioritized relationships. As sales and destination management are branches of the same tree. Dolunay appreciates the difficulties of marketing Turkey in the present surroundings of fierce competition and discouraging political events and endeavors to provide our clients with unconditional support.

In this picture:

Emperor Theodosius with his entourage crowning the winners of the Hippic games, 385 AD. Istanbul, The Hippodrome.

At Dolunay, we understand that competitive prices must accompany superior products and believe in transparency.

Thus, we are happy to disclose our supplier costs and quote for our services based on a pre-agreed service charge over a ‘see-through’ cost-sheet, so our clients know what we make and how we make it.

Competitive, transparent pricing: game on!

In this picture:

The Turks’ ancestral sport - oil wrestling, at the 645th annual festival in Edirne.

With no regard whatsoever to tools of false economy, helped by austerity in overheads, extensive automation and optimization of all financial and operational activities, we concentrate on what we do and we strive to be the absolute best at it.

What is guaranteed is that every travel program that we design and operate for you or your clients will be the product of a vision, rather than the usual moves-and-stays.

Whether for a couple, a small party or a large incentive group, our team remains neurotically-focused for the success of the program from the very inception to the completion.

In this picture:

Resurrection or Defeat of Hades, Chora Church, Istanbul,
regarded as one of the greatest works of scared art of all time.