Proactive Destination Management

In response to the complex and volatile dynamics of today’s travel industry, we have structured Dolunay to be a strategic solution partner and proactive logistical provider to sales generating and tour operating companies in the broader luxury travel segment.

Welcome to our world.

In Business Model you will find our vision and credentials in progressive chapters:

  1. Start the tour
  2. 1. Concept Introduces the basics of our work structure
  3. 2. Paradigm Explains the principles of our business model
  4. 3. Criteria Exhibits the mechanisms of our travel design
  1. 4. Products Traces the guidelines that govern our product line
  2. 5. Collaboration Presents insights into our partnership model
  3. 6. Ethics Shows how we are in peace between our clients and suppliers
  4. 7. The Field Is a backstory regarding our dedication to personalized service

The Short Story About Us

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