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Chapter One


A Symbiotic Business Model
and Unlimited Support

Dolunay offers definitive destination management.

Supplying our clients with a vast range of services from product development and tour design to ongoing destination intelligence and training as well as sales and marketing support, we seek to create cutting-edge, interpretive experiences for the end-customer.

We strive to understand and then establish our clients’ vision, values, preferences and market positioning in the destinations where we serve them.

Our purpose is to arm our clients with a competitive edge in the industry within a long-term, fruitful, symbiotic partnership. That is to say, we 'become our clients' at the destination, building up a symbiotic, collaborative culture and protecting their interests before our own.

Absolutely Client-Centric

The dynamics of demand and supply in the travel industry are fluid and volatile.

To remain competent in this involuted ecosystem, we continuously work with a sense of mission to create a sagacious operational know-how capable of delivering insightful expertise. Anything else would be promoting mediocrity.

Neurotically Perfectionistic

We believe that the true wisdom of the travel industry lies in a carefully regulated symbiosis of abstract ideation and actual application.

Consistent management of the cause-and-effect relationships is the way to superior quality.

Sensibly Sagacious

Take our native, Turkey, for an example:

Most travelers to Turkey are in for an eye opening. Historians thrill to the sites of Neolithic culture, ancient Greek and Roman cities. Sailors indulge themselves along one of the most beautiful coastlines anywhere.
Many gaze in wonder for the first time at the splendor of Islamic buildings. Any preconceived, stereotypical images turn into enchanting impressions.

Infinitely Dependable

These powerful impressions left by such a rich civilization found in a land of extraordinary natural beauty and looked after by kind and friendly people strikes a chord in every one.

We start from this question: 'If so much wealth is so easy to find, why should anyone choose to hire our services?'

Please allow us to explain ourselves.

Lightning Response Time

But first...

In the Turkish (and most Mediterranean and Middle Eastern) tradition, a sincere conversation over a cup of coffee is how quality time together is spent. Drinking coffee together holds the key to the beginning of new friendships or to enhancing older relationships.

Coffee has never been a mere beverage. Originally a booster for nocturnal mystical rites, its transformation into a social phenomenon- the ‘coffee house’- took place in the Ottoman Empire in the early 1500’s and it was from there coffee drinking was introduced to Europe.

Severely Efficient

A well-brewed cup of Turkish coffee is the essential offering to a guest. We envisage this website to conjure up a coffee time between good friends to be. Please click forward.

In this picture:

‘Bir kahvenin kırk yıl hatırı vardır’ says a Turkish proverb, meaning – ‘a cup of coffee‘s sake lasts for forty years’.