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Chapter Two


Underlying Principles of Our Workings
and the Foundations of Our Services

“When I came within the Dore, that which I did se was verrie wonderfull unto me...the sighte whearof did make me almoste to thinke that I was in another worlde”

Thomas Dallam at the Sultan’s Court, 1599 upon presentation of a mechanical clock-organ sent by Queen Elisabeth I to Sultan Mehmet III as a gift. Dallam was a prominent English organ-builder. His diary of this journey was published in 1893.

Multi-dimensional destination management.

It is the job of a quality DMC to plant an unforgettable memory in each traveller’s heart and thereby to create a brand loyalty for the client - i.e. the sales operating company.

We have a deep sympathy for the travelers’ perspectives and want to make sure that all our guests return home feeling well-rewarded for the time and money they’ve invested in us. Toward this end, we work with a sense of mission and neurotic attention to detail.

Superior destination knowledge.

At Dolunay,
we promote passionately that by working with us our clients have
access to a strong on-site operation which can creatively design and
manage unique travel programs sensitive to each individual’s
needs and preferences to bring in
all those special moments and
insider access that will make their journey forever memorable,
opening ‘the Dore’ to perspectives never dreamed existed.

No cookie-cutter programs, whatsoever.

Whether for individual travelers or groups, customization is the showcase of quality and must be the dominant element in the design and delivery of every itinerary.

But it will not just happen.

For any DMC to be able to offer and deliver true customization is only possible through a carefully-mechanized, meticulously-coordinated operational structure.

We do realize that big words will eventually come down to the actual performance and daily service.

When serving touring programs, we are always flexible. It is important to be aware that travel is not a commodity and let the guests feel they can count on us to deliver their services in an adaptive way so that they will have a truly ‘private’ and ‘tailored’ experience: after all, this is their own time. While being informed on the logistics involved, they are never to be rushed or shortsighted.

In short, flawless and complete delivery, no corner-cutting, no false economy, whatsoever.

On the other side of the coin, we believe in ethical trade and appreciate that brand loyalty is a significantly credible concept on the part of our suppliers as well as our clients. Our policy of integrating our suppliers into our workings in ‘right trade’ bears fruit on many levels.

We strive to provide our clients with competitive rates and at the same time remain absolutely fair with our suppliers.

Dynamic Monitoring.

In an effort for proactive and dynamic customer monitoring, a dedicated department at Dolunay follows up with our guests during the time of their travels with us regarding all aspects of their experience.

We want to make our guests feel that they can talk to us. If anything is less than perfect, we should have the opportunity to respond and correct.

Dolunay’s ‘HotLine’ operates as Concierge Service 24/7.

We are now in the process of providing each guest with a customised smartphone app that will feature many services and a wealth of practical information.

‘Dores’ into Decadence

In this picture:

Left: Tiled walls of the Harem at Topkapi Palace, Istanbul.

Right: Alabaster Bathroom at Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul

‘Dores’ into Successions

In this picture:

from the left:
Selcuk Hospital at Divrigi, 1228.
‘New Mosque’ at Istanbul, 1663
Ataturk’s Memorial at Ankara, 1951

‘Dores’ into privacy

In this picture:

Private residences at Bodrum, Kalkan, Bozcaada and Cappadocia (clockwise from top left).

‘Dores’ into Devoted Seclusion

In this picture:

Clockwise from top left:

Monks’ chapel carved into rock, Cappadocia ❀ The Monastery of St Nicholas (aka Santa Clause) on Gemiler Island ❀ The world's oldest Christian Church in Hatay (ancient Antioch) ❀ Aramaic-speaking communities: Mor Gabriel Monastery, Mardin ❀ Passageway to the baptistery, Hagia Sophia ❀ ‘The Gates of Heaven and Hell’ into the Royal Prayer Hall, Hagia Sophia.

Allow us to open ‘The Dore’ to a Turkey you never dreamed existed.