Turkey as a Travel Destination

Turkey is the world’s best-kept secret and probably the last great travel destination. It is of both the West and the East, and yet it is of the neither. No country has affected the destiny of mankind more deeply than Turkey; it is where the roots of our modern common culture remain. The legacy is everywhere, in the numerous ruins and remains of countless civilizations and in every heartbeat of the living culture. Turkey is diverse, fascinating, beautiful, complex, fertile, rich, stimulating and most rewarding.

Contrary to the cliche “Turkey is an open air museum”, real people live here and they struggle with the vicissitudes of day-to-day living. What makes Turkey unique is the fact that these lives of modern era take place on a 10,000-year-old stage. This setting is a stunning exhibit of the astonishing continuity that human existence becomes.

It is essential in our tour planning to provide access to this wonderful interplay of time and place.