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See Greece through our eyes, our way.

In our line of business, perception can be a result of planning.

The same picture in Greece can have many appearances. Take Athens, for example. Approaching the Acropolis, one always has the sense of being in the company of all mankind. It is one of the universal places, where the collective mind and soul gather. Just next to it, the modern Athens is hard to fall in love with, especially in the heat and dust of a summer day. Visitors plan their tours here in the early morning and late afternoon. Midday is for rest or trips to the close by islands.

But in the evening in the twisting streets of the Plaka and in the restaurants set up in the small quiet squares, far away from the tourist cafés in Omonia Square, the city turns on its charm and becomes not only friendly but inviting:

Athens is yet a Mediterranean city and has a slower hidden pace.

On summer nights after work, each neighborhood collects itself in its square, tablecloths are spread on folding tables, and space is created for a more leisurely way of life. Supper runs very late and Athenians race to work after only a few hours of sleep.

It is easy to overlook the wide range of possibilities when constructing tour programs. However, ignoring the multidimensionality only promotes mediocrity.

Let Dolunay take you on multiple dimensions with our superlative tour design and delivery. Groups, families and individuals alike, let us customize your experience to absolute perfection.

Shake off the usual ‘tourist’ spin and enjoy discovering a Greece you never dreamed existed.