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Our Connections

Dolunay proudly presents its services in Greece in conjunction with Turkey, providing for consistent delivery and quality assurance.

The deep-rooted cultural and historic continuity between the two countries is an element most tour designers are oblivious of or simply overlook.

In this picture:

A Turkish Bath in Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki was a part of Ottoman Empire until 1912.

The living reality of this symbiosis is a lot more fascinating than the mere culinary similarities one hears of often.

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A Turkish Fountain. Rethymno, Crete.

From the Hittite myth ‘Illuyanka’ that divined Homer’s ‘Iliad’ to Phrygian letters that fathered early Greek alphabet, from Plato’s ‘Apology’ one under-reads in Rumi’s ‘Masnawi’ to esoteric monasteries of Mystras and the Nicene Creed, the complex and uninterrupted togetherness of these two lands and the nations that inhabited them recounts a bewildering story of where we all have been.

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Mosque and Mousoleium of Ali Pasha in Ioannina

Let Dolunay take you on this dimension with superlative tour design and delivery. Groups, families and individuals alike, let us customize your experience to perfection.

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Makri Church with the stunning iconostasis in Kayakoy, Fethiye, Turkey, recounting the story of post WW1 exchange of populations.

Shake off the usual ‘tourist’ spin and discover a Greece you never dreamed existed.